Player Evals & Requests (Waterdown Minor Baseball)

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Houseleague Player Evaluations

New for 2024 will be our Houseleague Player Evaluations for the purpose of balancing our teams. Late April early May we will conduct player evaluations at each age division from Coach Pitch to 13U. Players will be evaluated on baseball skills and assigned a final grade for placement on teams. This will be completed by the WMBA Houseleague Committee and will be done prior to the first game.  

Player/Coach Requests

We at the WMBA understand that players do want to play with their friends or play for a certain coach. This can cause teams to be stronger than others or weaker.  As a sports league our goal is to have teams as balanced as we can and this means that no player/coach request will be guaranteed from Coach Pitch to 13U. 

  1. Player/Coach requests must come from all parties. If not request will not be considered. Family A asks to be with family B, we must receive a request from family B as well.

  2. Any group of people (3 families) asking to play with multiple players, those families must take on the role of coach and assistants for the team. 

  3. No request involving more than 3 families will be considered.  

  4. All player/coach requests must only be sent to the houseleague director at [email protected] any requests sent to others will not be considered. 

There is an exception and that is Head Coaches are allowed to protect 3 players for their team.  This includes their own child and two others.